Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stressed out spazmo

The appointment with the neurologist went OK. He felt me up around my neck and back, hit me with a little rubber hammer, touched me with a vibrating tuning fork and poked me with a safety pin. Sounds kinky huh? He was testing my reflexes and sensations. His verdict: the only thing wrong with me is stress. He ordered an MRI "just to be sure". I have to wait until the insurance company approves it. I'll let ya'll know when that happens. He didn't say it, but I think he wanted to tell me I need therapy. Maybe I just need a vacation.


Sandy Leach said...

Nope on the vacation. You just need more crocheting or maybe knitting. Although that knitting stuff is very stressful. :) Sure did miss you on Tuesday night so hope you can make it next week.

nobody said...

I think this is a perfect excuse.. uh I mean reason to get massages once a week.. every week! and pedicures.. yeah pedicures.. that'll help :D Don't forget bubble bathes.. with candles yeah that's it!

Mary said...

Well, crochet and knit away! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I get the same headaches...try ibprofen. It helps subside the pounding, but it doesn't cure it.
good luck