Saturday, May 26, 2007

7 Random Things

There’s this thing going around on several of the blogs I read where you are supposed to list seven random things about yourself. So here goes:

1: As a kid I lived on wheels. I was on roller skates or a bike, every single day. My best friend and I used to skate back and forth across her front porch listening to the soundtrack to “Footloose”.

2: I was born in Colorado, but raised in Texas. The town I grew up in only has a population of about 2800 people. I’ve also never been east of Texas (in the U.S.)

3: I was born with two earlobes on my left ear. I think technically the one was somehow split so it appeared to be two. You couldn’t really see the second lobe; it was a smaller one behind a larger one in front. Doctors told my Mom it would eventually “drop down” and be normal. It never did. I had my ears pierced at 11 years old (it was only through the front lobe) and a couple a years later the piercing tore all the way out. At 14, I had surgery to repair the rip and they cut off the back earlobe. If you look you can see where it used to be.

4: I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. My sisters are from my mom’s first marriage and my two older brothers are from my biological father’s first marriage. After I was born they got divorced and my mom later remarried. Her third husband adopted all three of her girls and a few years later they adopted my little brother. They are still married today and he is the man I call my “Dad”.

5: My husband and I were introduced on a blind date. My cousin Laurie and I were sharing an apartment at the time and she only introduced me to Lynn because she hated the guy I was dating at the time. (She was right, the guy was a jerk.)

6: I have no musical talent, but I really wish I did. My sisters used to tell me I couldn’t “carry a tune in a bucket”. I don’t sing in the shower but I will crank the stereo and sing in my car. I sometimes sing in my office when I’m working.

7: I am the world’s biggest klutz, always have been. I trip over thin air and bang my arms and legs on everything in my path. I knock things over and spill drinks. It’s a really good thing I never became a waitress or went to work in an antique shop.

Ok, that’s enough random for one day.

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Anonymous said...

I learned some new stuff about you. So cool!