Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beaten, burned, electrocuted and stabbed

The last few days have been rather exciting. We went camping this weekend in Parker, AZ. We stayed in La Paz County Park, right on the Colorado River. There were sixteen of us that went, we had our own little “tent city”. We bar-b-que’d and rented Sea-doo’s and floated on a big raft. It was a really good weekend. The “beaten” part would be the little sore spot on the side of my head my where I bonked it on the lamp hanging in the center of our tent and the “burned” is the sunburn on my chest. I wore sunscreen and tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible but somehow managed to sunburn just the tops of my knees and my cleavage. My knees are no big deal but the boob burn really itches right now.

The prior auth for the EMG finally came through and I had that done yesterday at lunch. That accounts for the “electrocution and stabbing.” The tech put all these little stickers on my hands, some were little squares on my palms others were long thin strips that wrapped around my fingers. Then he clamped wires to some of them. He took a marker and made little blue hash marks on my wrists. Finally he took a gizmo that looked an awful lot like a tazer gun and dipped the prongs in some gel and touched the hash marks with it and sent little zaps of electricity through my arms. He did this several times from several different places on my wrists and elbows, occasionally moving the wires around to different stickers. When he was done testing both my arms he called the doctor in to conduct the second part of the test. The doctor stuck a needle in my hand and arm in several different places and then had me flex that muscle. With the needle in it! (Remind me not to do this test again.) All of this is supposed to tell them if I have a pinched nerve somewhere that’s causing my headaches. I have a couple of small bruises from needle and my arm is a little sore today, but it’s not too bad. I’ll let ya’ll know when I get the results.


Anonymous said...

OUCH!! Flexing your muscles WITH a needle stuck in them? Holy cow, that borders on abuse...remind me not to have that test done, EVER!

Glad you had a good time camping (sans the bump on your head and the sunburn).


nobody said...

oohh Parker, AZ.. :D Did you go to Fox's floating bar?

Mary said...

Whew! I'm tired from your email. The camping trip sounded like loads of fun. The testing ... not so fun. I hope you get results soon. I'm off to SA this weekend and then I hope to stay home for several weeks! See you soon!

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