Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Laurie would be ashamed of me

If you haven’t read Crazy Aunt Purl today…read her first. She’s very unhappy about the types of women’s t-shirts available today. Did you read it? OK, here’s why she’d be ashamed of me. Today I’m wearing a baby pink, cap sleeve t-shirt with Tinkerbell on it and it’s got lots of sparkles. It says “Simply Spoiled” on it in big yellow letters. My husband hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m sure he’ll agree with its sentiment. By the way, I think Laurie and I are close to the same size, so I’ve got some of that “armchub” she mentioned. Oh well, sorry Laurie!!

On the headache issue...MY MRI HAS BEEN APPROVED!
Turns out the doctor actually ordered two, one with contrast and one without. I have one scheduled for Saturday morning and the other on Monday morning. I'll let ya'll know how they go.


Anonymous said...

I bet that shirt looks cute on you (it sure does sound cute and very appropriate)!

Grats on getting the MRI approved and scheduled. Hope you get some answers.


Mary said...

The shirt you're wearing sounds cute. I'm glad to hear the MRI(s) are scheduled and I'll be anxious to see how they come out. As far as the seraphina shawl goes ... I anxious to start, but haven't decided on the yarn yet. What you chose sounds great ... can't wait to see it!