Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MRI's are really loud

Well, I went in on Saturday morning and had the MRI on my head and then again on Monday morning for one on my neck. It wasn't too bad. After you change into the "high fashion" nightgown, they lay you on the table and push it into the machine. They give you headphones and put it on whatever radio station you like. The headphones also allow them to talk to you from their controls outside the booth. They take several different scans and each scan lasts a different length of time, anywhere from 20 seconds to five minutes. The machine makes a "knocking" sound while it does the scans. The knocking is quite loud loud and changes in tone and rhythm from scan to scan. The table was a little uncomfortable as it is narrow and there was no were to lay my arms, I had to hold them up, which caused my left arm to ache. After the several scans the tech gave me an injection of contrast and took one more scan. Laying very still for the head scan was fairly easy, for the neck scan it was a little harder. I wasn't supposed to swallow, but my throat has been feeling very dry and I'm having some sinus drainage so that part was very difficult. I wound up involuntarily swallowing a few times. You don't realize how often you automatically swallow until your not supposed too.

I called the Neurologist to see if he had the results yet. He does, but he still wants to do one more test. A nerve conduction study, an EMG. The test still has to be prior authorized and scheduled. Once that's done, then he'll bring me in for an appointment to go over all the tests. Grrr. Arggg. Frustrating heh?

That's alright, I'm "smarter that the average bear" (as my Daddy says). I went by Steinburg Diagnostic on my way home and picked up copies of the reports. The report for my brain MRI says that my brain is fine-no tumors. Whew! The one for my neck says all my vertebrae are OK. The only thing that one mentions is some swollen lymph nodes-possibly related to an upper respiratory infection. I keep telling my regular doctor I think I've got an infection!! Unfortunately, I still have to play the waiting game with these guys.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good so far (although that doesn't help figure out what the problem is). Have a great time camping this weekend.


nobody said...

Wouldn't it be great if a little bit of antibiotics could make it all go away? (as long as you pay no attention to how long it is taking to get them to you that it!!)

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