Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just so ya'll know....

I didn't fall off the planet. I'm doing OK. I finished a pair a socks a couple of weeks ago. They are Cascade Fixation Color #6388 in Trekcelt's Varsity Socks in solid purple. I'll try to get some pics. I started a new pair in Cascade, no real pattern this time. It's a self striping colorway in shades of gray. I'm making them for my husband, although there are days I don't think the grouchy a** deserves them. I'm also working on my Butterfly Rib Socks in the purple Koigu I bought in Petaluma. I restarted them to add a gusset to the back of the leg to better fit my chubby legs. I'm very happy with the way the gusset came out. Last night I took a needle and ran some cotton thread through the stitches and took them off the DPN's so I could try the sock on. Perfect! Hopefully I can remember exactly how I did the gusset so I can repeat it on the second sock. Anyhow the first sock is back on its needles and I'm going to be starting the heel very soon.
I'm still crocheting as well. I've been working on my fall colors blanket. It's a five color repeat with a main contrast color row between each color. So that makes the pattern a ten-row repeat. The length of the blanket with take 14 repeats, I'm on the seventh repeat. Woohoo, almost halfway there! I really want to finish this one soon.
It seems I need to bust out the camera and take a bunch of pictures for ya'll. Maybe tomorrow, tonite is our Crochet Meeting. See you there!


Angie said...

I can testify the Mindy's socks are AWESOME (I am jealous, lol)! Thanks for the update and see you tonight.


Mary Sarah said...

Your socks are fantastic. I love the butterfly stitch pattern! I'm anxious to see your fall blanket, but I know it's too big to carry around.