Friday, December 21, 2007

All is well

Tana came home late yesterday afternoon. She is doing just fine and her eye doesn't look bad at all. She has a couple of stitches that will have to be removed in two weeks. In the meantime she has to keep the cone on her head to keep her from scratching the sutures out. I don't know how I'm going to manage to keep that thing on her for two weeks. I've already discovered that it makes it very difficult for her to eat and drink. The edge of it pushes her dish away when she puts her head down to eat. I fed her by hand last night and this morning. The water dish is rather large so when she drinks the whole cone has to go in which poors water down her chin when she lifts her head, but again a smaller dish gets pushed away. Any suggestions you have that might make this easier for her would be much appreciated. I did zero knitting and crocheting last night. I felt so bad for Tana, I took the stupid cone off and just held her all evening. I put it back on her before bedtime and learned that thing is a pain to put on. I have to carry her up and down the stairs too, because she can't see them clearly. Now you all know what a complete softie I am when it comes to my dog.

In knitting news: I finished Lynn's hat. Here's a picture.

He loves it. Now I'm back to work on the Devil Baby Blanket. The baby will be here by year end, so I better knit fast!


Anonymous said...

Aww.. poor cone head puppy. Maybe you could put her food and water in a regular dish?

tiger said...


日月神教-任我行 said...


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