Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm back from Pennsylvania

I returned from my trip safe and sound. It was an enjoyable trip. I'm going to like this new job very much. Everyone I met at the company was nice and so helpful. The hotel they put us in is is a good place to stay; the Inn at Reading. Training went well; our trainer, Sherry is wonderful. I chaneled the harlot and convinced her to take a sock picture.

After work hours we did a little shopping. We went to the VF Outlet and visited Coach, Dooney Burke, Lee, Wrangler and more. I didn't buy any purses, but I did buy some jeans for my hubby, oh and some shoes for me. We also went to the Berkshire Mall, where I bought a pair of shoes and a pair of silver hoop earrings. Anybody seeing a trend here?

Sherry took us to West Reading one day for lunch and I was able to visit a lovely yarn shop. The Yarn Gallery. This is a very nice little store, the ladies there were very friendly and helpful. I bought just a little bit of yarn and some circular needles, I post more about those later.

I saw a celebrity?!

Any idea who this is? My traveling companions and I didn't have a clue, we had to ask. We knew he was famous because people were talking excitingly and taking his picture. So, I took a couple of pictures too.

Apparently, it's Flava Flave. He was on our flight to Las Vegas. After we picked up my luggage, Flave fell in step with Lynn and I on our way out to the parking garage. I asked him how his flight was. He said it was good but that he was just happy to be going "h-o-m-e!" I couldn't have agreed more.

One last comment; I was more excited to see Leslie's baby at the airport than I was seeing Flava. Leslie is one of the other trainees that was traveling with me. She talked about her baby all week, how cute he is and how much she missed him. I have to agree, he is a cutie, I'd have missed him too.

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