Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One out of three

Not what I was going for. I'll admit, I over-committed myself. The only project I was able to complete for the Pahrump Fiber Arts show was the round ripple baby blanket. The Monkey Socks are really close, don't even ask about the hat. Angie, Mamie and I drove to Pahrump Wednesday to drop off the entries. The drop off place was The Quilted Dragon, this place is a beautiful little quilt shop. I bought some gorgous fabric. Anywho, our group has four entries. My crocheted baby blanket, a crochet baby blanket by Mamie, a crocheted turtle toy by Sandra and a pair of knitted socks from Angie. I can't wait to see how everyone does in the judging.

Here is a picture of my entry:

The yarn is TLC Baby in the "Snooky" colorway. Size G hook. It took 2 and a half skeins to made the blanket 45" across. I edged this with a round of reverse single crochet. I have a skeins and a half left so I'm thinking about making a jacket and hat. Any pattern suggestions (knit or crochet)?

This one is for my friend Tracy. The baby shower was this Saturday, so I wrote her an I.O.U. letter explaining that the blanket was entered in the Fiber Art Show and I would bring it to her afterwards, I included this picture of the blanket. She loved it and her husband was really flattered that I had made something for them that was so nice I could enter it in a show like that. It's really just a simple blanket, I'm happy he feels it's so special.