Monday, July 14, 2008

Good news!!!

I have some excellent news about my nephew's condition. Here is the email I received from my brother explaining the situation.

>>>>I can't say enough about the fact that God is faithful to his people when they pray. We just got Parker's bloodwork back from 2 Sundays ago and the genetic disorder that the Dr's diagnosed him with we found out that he does not actually have. It was explained to us that the hospital just looks for indicators and he had all the indicators of this genetic disorder. But I truely believe it was each of your prayers that led the Great Physician to heal Parker from the 1st blood work done at the hospital to the 2nd set of tests run by the genetics dr. We are truely a blessed family and I think each of you for everything you do for us. And if you have had to deal with me and my wound up self throughout this ordeal I apologize if I have been a bit on edge. I can truely say that this is a huge monkey off of our back.


Steven Liles <<<<

I'm very happy this came out OK for Steven and his baby. This is a huge relief for our family.


Angie said...

Oh, I am sooooo glad that he is ok. And I hope you are feeling better as well. See you tonight (I hope).


Mary Sarah said...

Great news!!! I'm so happy for you and your family. I know it's a big relief for everyone!

nobody said...

Congrats on the good news!! :)
We've missed you the last couple weeks!

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