Sunday, August 31, 2008

Would you like to know what I did a couple of weeks ago?

I had my sinuses remodeled. Seriously. Do you remember those headaches? I decided that the neurologist was on the wrong path so I took myself to an ear, nose and throat specialist. I had a few reasons to suspect it was a sinus issue. One: With my headaches I frequently had pain running through my left cheek and Two: I’ve lost count of the number of sinus infections I’ve had in recent years. So, the ENT ran of few tests, one of which was a sinus scan. The scan showed a “pocket” of air built up in my sinuses, yep, you guessed it, on the left side. So he recommended surgery. By the way, the “air pocket” has given my husband tons of ammo with “airhead” jokes.

I went to the hospital at 12:15 on Monday and left at 6:00 the same day. He did a bit of –plasty here and some resection there; some balloon inflating, and then of couple of splints to hold it all in place. (Hey, Margie, I’m really noticing a trend here, medical people are really into putting balloons in strange places.) Anyhow, after all that they gave me a refillable ice bag and some gauze, along with an elastic sling to hold it perfectly in place under the nose, they sent me on my way. They also gave me strict instructions not to blow my nose for two weeks.

After a few days of napping and recovering, I went back into the doctor’s office to have the splints removed. That was a strange sensation, and I won’t tell you about the little, itty, bity, vacuum he used. I am doing well, my nose is still a bit sore and it feels a little like the inside of my nose has been painted with superglue and allowed to dry. A few more days should resolve that. The doctor also gave me a bottle and some saline solution mixing packets. I have to rinse my sinuses twice daily. It softens up the dry crusty stuff and feels much better for about 10 minutes...until everything dries back up.

I don’t yet know if the surgery will get rid of my headaches yet, still too sore to tell. I will say that sneezing is incredibly painful, not as bad as when the splints were still in, but still.

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