Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In case your wondering...

this is still a craft blog. My rant the other day was because I was so frustrated talking to cranky people all day long. I need a new job.

Anyhow, on a happier subject, I just discovered this. Dudes, I really wanna go. I'll have to work on that.

I am still knitting, lots. I don't have any pictures to show you because my laptop died and that's were the pictures are. I am working on a pair of socks for my good friend Jo, who we all lovely refer to as Ma. I am making Sock Bug's River Rapids Socks. You may recall I attempted this pattern once before and it didn't go so well with the yarn I was using. This time the yarn is working out much, much better. I am using Cherry Tree Hill in the Tropical Storm colorway. This's the pattern that kicking my ass. Which I have to say is just stupid because it's really an easy pattern. I have had to frog sections of it three times so far for dumb mistakes. Apparently, I just can't seem to remember where I am in the pattern repeat. I'm still on the first sock and really the pair ought to be done by now. I have two more pairs of socks I really want to have done by the holidays for gifts, so I have got to get a move on.

Since the socks were beating me up so badly, I decided to cast on something new. I am making a pair of Knucks for my hubby. I love the yarn, it's a grey color, with some white flecks and a few little random flecks of light blue. You can only see the blue bits if you look really close and under the light. The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed, I think the colorway is Whisper. This is some of the yarn a bought when I went to Pennsylvannia for my job training. I like the way they're coming out. I started out using DPN's, but I only have a set of four. When it turned out I really could use an extra needle I got out my Knit Picks set and used the circular needle to help me get all the little fingers in order and joined together. Now, I'm using the circular and magic loop to work the hand portion and I'm really much happier. I'm hoping to finish the first glove by the end of the week.


Angie said...

I still need to do the River Rapids pattern...but if you are having this much trouble I will probably really suck at it. I tried on Wyatt's sock last night and it fits so good he said "Oh, it is really soft" - good sign and it made me very happy. Missed you on Tuesday and can't wait to see your WIPs.


Angie said...

By the way..I am planning on being able to go to the Sock Summitt. Maybe we could go together?