Sunday, December 07, 2008

Good idea!

Does anyone read Michelle's blog? She's fellow Las Vegan and crafter. We met through the Las Vegas Knitters group. She is a lovely person, inside and out. I enjoy reading her blog, she has some very interesting recipes and lots of good crafty stuff. A while back she started making reusable cloth pads. These might seem a little wierd to some people, my friend Nicki thinks they're "creepy". I think they're brilliant, so I made some.

These are all made from cotton flannel. The ones with the two different prints used are panty liners. The ones made from a single print are pads, they have two layers of terrycloth (recycled from old kitchen towels). They also have a pocket opening that allows the insertion of additional terrycloth layers.

These are the terrycloth inserts:

They all have snap closures. I was afraid the snaps would be uncomfortable, but I can't feel the snaps at all. I have used them (after the pics were taken) and am very happy with them. I've purchased a few more flannels and some fleece and I plan to make lots more. I'm planning to have enough of these to stop using the paper ones entirely. Just a little less trash in our landfills.


Angie said...

I went to Michelle's blog and followed her link...I love yours (and hers) and think they are a great idea.


Anonymous said...

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